• All signs in the Thomas Commons must be approved and stamped before posting
  • Signs may only be posted on the OC or on the designated flyer boards found on the middle and lower levels of the Thomas Commons
  • Everyone who wishes to create/post a sign must
    --Name the sponsor of the event. (must be recognized by Student Senate or Departmental)
    --List contact information for questions.
      --The only exception is a birthday sign.
  • Individual students wishing to post a sign in the case of a special circumstance (other than birthdays) are subject to approval/denial by the Associate Director of Student Life; such signs must include specific and complete contact information when applicable. 
  • All signs will remain posted for one week or until the event is over, whichever comes first;
  • Signs that advertise alcohol will only be approved after the "Contract for Events with Alcohol"; has been completed and the facility coordinator has given the OK to the Information Desk staff.

Orange Carpet Banners

  • All signs must be made in the poster making area of the "Hub" located in the SW corner, on the middle level of the Thomas Commons. Students found in violation of this policy may lose posting privileges.
  • Orange Carpet banners must be no larger than 44" wide by 35" or 58" long depending on which wall you hang your sign on, so plan accordingly. Any signs in violation of these size regulations will be removed.
  • Each student organization is allowed one sign on the OC.
  • Birthday signs will remain posted for one day and hanging is subject to available space.

Flyer Boards (middle and lower level)

  • Only Cornell offices and organizations recognized by Student Senate may post flyers in the Thomas Commons
  • Flyers may only be posted on the designated flyer boards found on the middle and lower level of the Thomas Commons. One flyer per board for a total of three flyers, and each not to exceed 8 1/2" by 16"
  • Off-campus groups may leave a sign with the Info Desk that we will post on our off-campus board.
  • Employment ads will be referred to the Berry Career Institute

All posting decisions are ultimately at the discretion of the Associate Director of Student Life or their designee.