Friday, April 23, 1943

NOT ALL FOOD IS RATIONED - Chief unrationed items are eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables, dried and dehydrated fruits (prunes, raisins, etc.) fish and shellfish of all varieties except that in sealed containers, bread and cereals, milk, grain products such as spaghetti, macaroni and noodles, poultry and game, jams, preserves and jellies, mayonnaise and salad dressing, perishable cheeses.

RED STAMP RATIONING - This covers all meats, butter, fats and oils, and cheese (except the soft, perishable varieties). Each person is allowed sixteen points a week. Red coupons in War Ration Book 2 marked D are valid this week. These coupons and any A, B and C coupons saved from the preceding three weeks may be used at any time through April 30.

BLUE STAMP RATIONING - G, H and J blue stamps in War Ration Book 2, worth a total of forty-eight points a person, become valid tomorrow, April 24, and are good throughout the month of May. D, E and F blue stamps, in use since March 25, expire Friday, April 30. Thus there will be an overlap period of one week in which all six stamps will be valid. These stamps cover canned, bottled and frozen fruits and vegetables and their juices, dry beans, peas, lentils, etc., and processed foods such as soups, baby foods, baked beans, catsup and chili sauce.

SHOES - No. 17 coupon in War Ration Book 1 is good for one pair until June 15. Families may pool coupons of a household.

COFFEE - Coupon No. 25, in War Ration Book 1, good for one pound of coffee, expires Sunday, April 25.

SUGAR - Coupon No. 12 in War Ration Book 1 is good for five pounds, but this must last through May 31.

GASOLINE - A, B and C coupons each are worth three gallons. T coupons are good for five gallons each. The A coupons numbered 5 must last through July 21, which is double the time of previous ration periods. B and C books bear own expiration dates.

FUEL OIL - Period 5 coupons, which must last you through Sept. 30, are now valid for ten gallons (household type) and 100 gallons (institutional type). The O. P. A. advises you to save the stubs from ration sheets - you will need them when the new heating season begins on Oct. 1.

TIRES - Tires for essential driving are available on application to rationing boards. Recapping with reclaimed rubber camelback (Grade F) is now available to all without restriction.

LOCAL RATIONING BOARDS - Borough rationing boards will provide the address of any of the fifteen local rationing boards in the city which should be consulted on rationing problems. Borough office telephones are: Manhattan, COolumbus 5-4575; Brooklyn, MAin 4-85575; Bronx, MElrose 5-8250; Queens, IRonsides 6-6300; Richmond, GIbraltar 7-6929. Information on price control may be obtained at the O. P. A. offices in the Empire State Building, Chickering 4-7300.

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