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Herbert Hoover's Food Relief Efforts
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Glossary of Terms

American Relief Administration
An organization funded by the United States that helped to feed many countries during World War I and II. In total, the ARA delivered over four million tons of supplies to twenty-three countries.
United States Food Administration
Set up under the Food Control Act of 1917, and headed by Herbert Hoover, this organization spearheaded a campaign for the rationing of food in the United States.
Commission for Relief in Belgium
An organization to coordinate relief for Belgium, created in 1914 by Herbert Hoover.
Herbert Hoover: Master of Emergencies
Reportedly the first campaign film in the United States promoting Herbert Hoover's election in 1928.
Russian Revolution
The Russian Revolution of 1917, also known as the Bolshevik Revolution, overthrew the czar and installed a Communist government led by Vladimir Lenin.
Central Powers
The Central Powers of World War I included Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria.
Allies (WWI)
The Allies in World War I consisted mainly of France, Russia, Great Britain, and eventually Italy and the United States.
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