Mid 19th Century Keokuk


Bird's Eye View of Keokuk, Iowa (c.a. 1902)

I have done a little research on my home town. During the post Civil War Era, Keokuk, Iowa was known as a popular city. Located next to the Mississippi River, Keokuk was an important city for buying and selling goods, and the Mississippi River served as an important means of transportation.

I've spent a lot of my time in downtown Keokuk, where there is an opera house, as well as a theater. My Pa also works in downtown. I love to go shopping downtown to buy books, sewing supplies and many other trinkets. I also enjoy trips to the library where I rent lots of books. I love to read!


Fulton St. from Second

This is a neighborhood in my home town. Things were a little bit different then, but my house looked similar to this. What does your house look like?


Residential street in Keokuk (c. 1902)


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