Holiday Traditions and Celebrations



This year was the first official Thanksgiving here in Iowa. For Thanksgiving we had a big dinner with all of our family. We ate turkey, just like you do now, on Thanksgiving.

What are your Thanksgiving traditions?

What kind of food do you have on Thanksgiving?



Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. The newspapers advertise a variety of present ideas including watches, a phot albulm, jewelry, home appliances and clothing.

We decorated the entire house and hung our stockings over the fireplace. My family and I went out to choose a Christmas tree and put it in the parlor. I was very excited on Christmas Eve and could not wait 'til morning!

For Christmas this year, I asked Santa for a pair of ice skates and a sled!

I did a lot of holiday shopping. For Mollie, I bought her a carving knife. For my brother Frank, I crocheted mittens and filled them with candy. I bought Emma a doll.


For Christmas this year, I received a gold ring with my initials engraved on it from Pa. I also received a vase, paper furniture for my dolls, a glass washbowl and pitcher. But I did not get the ice skates or the sled that I asked for from Santa! I guess you can't always get what you want. Frankie received mittens, a dog and riding whip. George received a mug, knife, a toy gun and a glass marble. Ma received a desk, a work box, a picture frame and an opera hood. Mollie came over and showed me her gold watch that she received. She says it cost $110!! (Which today would be about $1600!)

What are your holiday traditions?

Do you celebrate with your relatives?


New Year's

On New Year's Eve, we stay up late and count down 'til midnight, just like you do today. I expect presents, but did not receive any this year! On New Year's day, we had a very special dinner! We had scalloped oysters, quail, mince pie, fried peaches and cakes.

Lee's Surrender and Easter Sunday

In our town, we celebrate Lee's Surrender which, this year, was not celebrated the same as it was last year.

In my diary I wrote that"Friday was Good Friday, how well I remember that day. One year ago, it was the day of celebrating Lee's Surrender. But how changed was the morrow the stores that the day before were draped in black and most over mourning for the death of Abraham Lincoln" Easter Sunday April, 21 1867.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was not very exciting. I did not receive any gifts but Mollie received a valentine from Jimmie Jenkins.


What is your favorite holiday?

How do you celebrate those holidays?


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