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Where Can We Go From Here?


Although this project in and of itself is hefty and has a lot of social, cultural and historical implications, we can see it expanding further and becoming a physical set of exhibits. First and foremost, we believe that there can easily be a physical exhibit of front porch culture -- in that exhibit, we envision having some of the toys and machines that were common on front porches to be on display, as well as photographs and postcard collections.

We'd also like to see the major theme in this project -- public vs. private space -- to be a major exhibit. Porches are a small subsection of this greater idea of change in society. Including wings of an exhibit devoted to technological changes and the impact of that on public vs. private space and time might be interesting and informative. We would, for example, explore how the typewriter and later the computer, changed the spaces in which we feel are private or public.

Another exhibit we could envision is that of architecture; the porches throughout the state make use of specific architectural styles and techniques. Exploring these styles would make for a nice parallel exhibit with this one -- we would be able to discuss the changes in architecture and the implications those changes had on redesigning spaces (public and private).

Ideally, these exhibits would be physical rather than virtual. We believe that museums are public spaces that are not used in the ways they were meant to in today's age. These are some of the few non-commercial public spaces left and we feel that people should take advantage of them. Since our front porches have disappeared and because we are more and more driven by the private spaces of our homes and our cars, we have dissociated ourselves from others. The time has come to go back to being social beings -- we believe people would benefit much from getting out and being in the public again. The experiences that one can have in a museum are both social and educational.


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