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Sittin' on the Front Porch: Portraits from America's Disappearing Landscape


Welcome to the wide world of front porches. Here you will learn about the ways and means people used their front porches in days gone by. With the invention and spread of automobile use and the creation of the highway and interstate systems, porch life has changed from the center of community culture to an all-too-distant memory.

When people began to settle in Iowa, they had a strong sense of pride and ownership in their homes and, respectively, in their porches. People made their porches part of the family and part of the community. Throughout photographic archives there exists numerous collections of family portraits and postcards featuring the front porch as the backbone to the family.

Let this be your front porch to exploring the world of porches. Links above will carry you to different areas of the porch and allow you to feel part of the neighborhood again.




We'd like to extend a thank you to Mary Bennett and Charles Scott at the State Historical Society of Iowa for their patience and help in collecting photographs and other materials for this project. For insight into this project and our comments on where we would like to go from here, click here.


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