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Jesse Owens

First American to win four gold medals at the same Olympic games.

He won over Hitler's athletes at the 1936 Olympics in Nazi Germany.


African American Athletes at Cornell and Beyond

Picure of David Bauer 1987 Football game against Coe College, Cornell's rival.

Cornell won.



-In the wonderful world of African American athletes, a timeline just didn’t seem to cut it. So instead the creators of this site have compiled list of various black athletes from Cornell College and professional realm of sports. This page is meant to be less about facts and educational content then it is just for enjoying a gallery of athletes both larger than life and ghostly figures from a tiny college’s past.












James Renfron wins a race at a track meet in the 90s


Jack Johnson.... no, not the singer...

The first African American to win a heavy wieght title. He was once considered the most famous and notorious African American on earth.

Jerry Palmer with the tennis team in 1981.

An involved student, Jerry was also on the cross country team, and the in several stage productions during his Cornell career.



















Walter Payton was the running back for the Chicago Bears in the 80s. he was with them in their 1985 Super Bowl victory.

Inducted into the

Left: Lou Shannon

Right: Carl Stallings

Both were members of the 1970 Cornell wrestling team

Football Hall of Fame





Cornell Students work and play side by side:

Here we have Herman Baucom (L) and Merle Gaber posing for a picture in 1957








Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball when he played for the Dodgers in 1947
This notoriously flamboyant boxer was an olympic gold medalist in 1960 and heavyweight world chamipon in 1964








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