The Johnson County Historical Society's

Asylum and Poor Farm




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Why should Johnson County preserve the Poor Farm?  The Johnson County Board of Supervisors have been asked to set aside a tract of land to show the community how the county cared for those in need by collectively using land, shelter, work, and agriculture.  The community is then able to interpret the rural memory and heritage, especially those that know little about their agricultural, ecological and social history. Community involvement and the Johnson County Historic Society play a large role in interpreting and maintaining the farm. The location and land is very unique and the asylum wing has been placed on the National Registry of Historical Places. There is a promising future of preserving and attracting visitors to the site, which is a main goal for the Society. There are also many threats and opposition to be recognized by the Society and Board of Supervisors.

The old barn on the Poor Farm


Information courtesy of an article written by Linda Hartmann.

Information courtesy of an article written for interpretation by the
Johnson County Historical Society.


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