The Brotherhood of Sigma Kappa Psi was formed in the fall of 2004 and was chartered in the spring of 2005. The core tenets of the SKYs are strength, perseverance, and righteousness. These values help the SKYs dedicate themselves to the betterment of Cornell and the support of each brother.   

The SKYs are committed to working in their community to bring about positive change. The SKYs' service projects are diverse, and emphasize work both on the Cornell campus and in the community. The SKYs ask that their members contribute 50 hours of service per year, making this fraternity one of the largest contributors to service on campus. SKYs are active in academic, leadership, and civic engagement roles across the Cornell campus. The SKYs are the men in orange and white, and each member seeks to be proactive and progressive in all that they do at Cornell.  

The SKYs  are dedicated to building up the brotherhood by supporting each member in their commitments. The SKYs are active socially with Greek groups across campus. The SKYs are the only male group to currently require prospective members to preference.

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