The sisterhood of Beta Psi Eta, formed from an extraordinary dream on March 11,2010, was charted in to Cornell College history on May 24, 2012. Beta Psi Eta’s founding values are Virtue, Multiculturalism, and Individualism. Each of its members strives to live out these values in their everyday lives while also incorporating the six founding principles: confidence, self-respect, perseverance, honesty, loyalty and unity! BETA’s trademark colors are Silver, Ruby Red and Royal Blue and the founding symbols are the Phoenix and the Bird of Paradise.

The mission of BETA is as follows: We, the women of Beta Psi Eta, stand for the empowerment of individual women through our principles; confidence, self respect, perseverance, honesty, loyalty, and unity. In order to become virtuous women, we strive together as sisters to overcome personal fears and barriers. We also promote multiculturalism through leadership, service, and by creating strong bonds on campus and throughout the community.

Currently, the BETA ladies are building various partnerships throughout the community and across Iowa with the establishment of the March of Dimes foundation as their Philanthropic initiative.


Susan Stacey