Core Faculty

  • Photo of Tori Barnes-Brus

    Tori Barnes-Brus

    Associate Professor of Sociology

    Teaches courses on inequality, social control, reproduction, media, and gender studies that emphasize social justice and civic engagement through field trips, guest speakers, and assignments that requires students to share their expertise with a public audience. Her research investigates the social construction and implications of pregnancy, birth, and abortion, as well as the commercialization of mothering, womanhood, and women's health. Ph.D., sociology, University of Kansas.

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  • Photo of Michelle Herder

    Michelle Herder

    Associate Professor of History

    Serves as co-chair for GSS in 2018-2019. Her research explores gender, women, and religion in medieval and early modern Europe, with broader teaching interests in the history of women and gender. Ph.D., history, Yale University.

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  • Photo of Aparna Thomas

    Aparna Thomas

    Professor of Politics and of Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

    With a joint appointment in the department of politics and the gender, sexuality, and women’s studies program, her courses broadly intersect the fields of international relations, comparative government, and gender, sexuality, and women’s studies. She also leads a course on gender and development in India every other year. Ph.D., political science, Western Michigan University.

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  • Photo of Erin Davis

    Erin Davis

    Professor of Sociology

    Explores cultural diversity and social inequalities, focusing on gender, sexualities, bodies, and identities, in her courses and her research. Ph.D., sociology, University of Virginia.

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  • Photo of John Gruber-Miller

    John Gruber-Miller

    Professor of Classical Studies

    His courses on Women in Antiquity and Love and Sexuality in Greece and Rome offer students opportunities to see their own cultural perspectives through others' eyes in a feminist, crosscultural, and historical context. Ph.D., classics, The Ohio State University.

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  • Photo of Christina Morris Penn-Goetsch

    Christina Morris Penn-Goetsch

    Professor of Art History

    Much of her research focuses on gender studies. She recently wrote the definition for "Feminist Art" for The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies. Ph.D., art history, University of Iowa.

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  • Photo of Misha Quill

    Misha Quill

    Assistant Professor of Anthropology

    Researches and teaches on human rights, humanitarianism, gender, justice, medical anthropology, and religious practice. Ph.D., cultural anthropology, University of Iowa. Graduate Certificate in gender, women's and sexuality studies, University of Iowa.

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  • Photo of Rebecca Wines

    Rebecca Wines

    Assistant Professor of French

    Serves as co-chair for GSS in 2018-2019. The courses that she teaches in gender, sexuality, and women’s studies emphasize the critical importance of cultural context and the analysis of how texts—broadly understood—shape our understandings of ourselves and others. Ph.D., French literature, University of Michigan.

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  • Photo of Tyler Carrington

    Tyler Carrington

    Assistant Professor of German Studies and History

    Teaches courses on German culture and gender and sexuality. His recent book explores the history of love in turn-of-the-century Berlin and his new project explores German-American life in the Midwest. Ph.D., history, University of Illinois.

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  • Alfrieta Monagan

    Professor of Anthropology Emerita

    Ph.D. and M.A., Princeton University; B.A., George Washington University.