Program advisors

  • Tori Barnes-Brus
  • Michelle Herder

Core Faculty

  • Photo of Tori Barnes-Brus

    Tori Barnes-Brus

    Associate Professor of Sociology

    Serves as co-chair and advisor for the GSS program. Teaches Reproductive Practices, Reproductive Policies, and Media & the Public Mind. Ph.D. Sociology

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  • Photo of Michelle Herder

    Michelle Herder

    Associate Professor of History

    Serves as co-chair and advisor for the GSS program. Teaches Women in the Renaissance and Reformation. Ph.D. History

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  • Photo of Aparna Thomas

    Aparna Thomas

    Associate Professor of Politics and of Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

    Expert on the politics of South Asia and global feminism. Teaches the GSS cores courses Gender, Power, and Identity; and Social Justice Perspectives and Practices as well as Global Feminisms, Women and Politics, and Gender and Development (alternate years in India). Serves as Cornell's faculty advisor to the India Studies Program sponsored by the Associated Colleges of the Midwest. Ph.D. Political Science

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  • Photo of Erin Davis

    Erin Davis

    Professor of Sociology

    Teaches Gender Diversity, Families and Family Policy, Sexualities, Gender Difference and Inequalities, Self and Identity, Sociology of the Body, and Traditional Culture and Contemporary Issues in Japan (taught in Japan). Ph.D. Sociology

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  • Photo of John Gruber-Miller

    John Gruber-Miller

    Professor of Classical Studies

    Teaches Women in Antiquity and Love and Sexuality in Greece and Rome. Ph.D. Classics

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  • Photo of Christina Morris Penn-Goetsch

    Christina Morris Penn-Goetsch

    Professor of Art History

    Teaches Intro to Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies, Feminist Art, Saints and She Devils, and African American Art: Intersectionality and the United States. Ph.D. Art History

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  • Photo of Misha Quill

    Misha Quill

    Assistant Professor of Anthropology

    Teaches Women’s Roles in Cross-Cultural Perspective. Ph.D. Cultural Anthropology

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  • Photo of Rebecca Wines

    Rebecca Wines

    Assistant Professor of French

    Teaches Bending Boundaries: Francophone Women in Translation, Race and Immigration in French Film, and Sporting Identities. Ph.D. French Literature

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  • Photo of Carolyn Zerbe Enns

    Carolyn Zerbe Enns

    Professor of Psychology

    Studies and publishes on feminist, multicultural, and transnational pedagogies and psychotherapies. Ph.D. Counseling Psychology

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  • Photo of Tyler Carrington

    Tyler Carrington

    Assistant Professor of German Studies

    Tyler Carrington is a cultural historian of modern Germany and teaches a wide variety of courses in the German Studies curriculum, ranging from intro and advanced German language, culture, and literature courses to seminars in German history, gender and sexuality (especially masculinity), and urban studies.

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  • Alfrieta Monagan

    Professor of Anthropology Emerita

    Ph.D. and M.A., Princeton University; B.A., George Washington University.