Learn about the use of Creole and French in Martinique, Martinique’s colonial history, the intersection between the Caribbean sugar industry and the Atlantic slave trade, folklore, music and popular traditions, environmental issues, and the socioeconomic and cultural relationship between Martinique and metropolitan France.

What you’ll gain from your experiential course

  • Gain additional knowledge of French and its role in French-Caribbean culture.
  • Observe and experience a culture different from your own. 
  • Become familiar with key features of the Martinican landscape and its impact on Martinican identity. 

Details may include

  • Spend two to three weeks in Martinique.
  • Experience Carnaval festivities.
  • Learn from Université des Antilles faculty.
  • Visit sites facilitated by the Centre international de recherches, d'échanges et de coopération de la Caraïbe et des Amériques (CIRECCA).
“I was excited that a French course was being offered in a place that has such a unique culture. We also had the good fortune of being there for Carnaval, which was one of the biggest highlights of my experience.” -Marin Elnes '15