General guidelines

In addition to the guidelines on this page, be sure to follow the music audition guidelines for all students.

Audition guidelines for classical guitar

  • Perform two pieces of contrasting style or from contrasting periods, i.e, Renaissance (Dowland, Mudarra, Narvez), Baroque (DeVisee, Bach), Classical (Sor Agnado), Spanish Romantic (Pujol, Barrios) or 20th Century (Duarte, Brindle).
  • Be prepared to demonstrate technique and major and minor scales. 
  • Reading standard notation is required (tablature is not expected).

Jazz guitar

  • Perform one medium tempo swing tune and one selection of contrasting style (ballad, Latin, straight-eighth)
  • Be able to demonstrate comping, improvisation, and melody on each tune.
  • Be able to demonstrate ability to read chord changes.