All Cornell scholarships are renewable. You will receive your first-year scholarship for four years as long as you maintain satisfactory academic progress. When you apply to Cornell, you are automatically considered for Cornell's first-year or transfer merit scholarships and awards, no additional materials are required. If you live off campus, your merit and/or fine art scholarships will be reduced proportionately. 

Cornell scholarships and awards

First-year scholarships and awards
Trustee Scholarship $34,000
Presidential Scholarship $31,000
Iowa Promise Scholarship $30,000 +
Freeway Scholarship $30,000 +
Dean's Scholarship $28,000
Founder's Scholarship $26,000
Community Enrichment Award $21,000
Transfer merit scholarships
Achievement Scholarship $27,000
Iowa Promise Scholarship $25,000
Freeway Scholarship $25,000
Trustee Scholarship $24,000
Presidential Scholarship $22,000
Dean's Scholarship $20,000
Founder's Scholarship $18,000

Cornell celebrates the arts and offers a combined merit and talent scholarship to promising students who plan to pursue majors in art, music (major or minor), or theatre (including the B.F.A. in musical theatre). You must declare your interest to qualify for these scholarships by completing a Fine Arts Scholarship application in addition to applying for admission, and may qualify for a fine arts scholarship in one of the three areas.

Fine Arts scholarships
Art Scholarship
Music Scholarship (major or minor)
Theatre and Dance Scholarship

International merit scholarships

Merit scholarships for international students range from $10,000-$32,000 per year. International students are not eligible for federal aid. 

Stackable awards are renewable for up to four years like our merit scholarships and awards, and may require additional steps beyond your application for admission and will be added to your merit scholarship. 

Stackable scholarships
Cornell College Music Award
Cornell College Art Award
Cornell College Theatre Award
Cornell College Dance Award
Cornell College Esports Award $1,000 - $5,000
Spirit Award $1,500
Mock Trial Award $1,000 - $5,000
Legacy Award $2,000
Transfer PTK Award $1,000 - $2,000