The Ingenuity in Action program at Cornell College provides guided opportunities to students to document and reflect on their educational experiences.


  • Students apply for either a pre-approved experience or propose their own experiences.
  • The application is approved by the faculty/staff sponsor and the Experiential Learning Office.
  • Student completes experience and submits final reflection.
  • The final reflection is approved by the sponsor and the Experiential Learning Office.
  • Once approved, the Registrar adds the experience to the student’s transcript.


  • Students need to provide contact information for themselves, their sponsors, and their academic advisor. They will also provide the start and end dates of the experience and the category of the experience.
  • For experiences that are not pre-approved, students will also need to provide a project description and rationale addressing the following questions:
    • What will you be doing during your experience related to your category?
    • How does this experience fit into your personal, academic and/or career goals?
  • Applications and reflections are submitted and approved through Presence.  


Students should:

  • Identify appropriate sponsors and request their sponsorship prior to submitting their application.
  • Initiate and maintain communication with sponsors regularly over the course of the experience, keeping track of the hours devoted to the project.
  • Complete reflections in a timely manner.   
  • Answer all reflection questions thoughtfully and completely.  If a reflective assignment has been required for the experience that addresses the stated questions, the student can attach this document to the reflection form rather than completing the questions separately.

Faculty and staff members will serve as sponsors for the student’s experience.

Sponsors should:

  • Review and approve the student's application.  Experiences should meet the stated criteria for the category. Pre-approved experiences still need to be approved by the sponsor to ensure that sponsors are aware of the student’s plan and are willing to mentor this student. 
  • Encourage thoughtful completion of a reflection.
  • Review and approve their reflection, making sure they articulate what they have gained from the experience and how it has enriched their education.
  • Approve the reflection through the email sent by Presence. If reflection needs improvement, send back for revisions. 


Advisors will be notified when a student has completed their reflection. The email notification is sent through Presence and will include a PDF of the student’s final reflection. No action is required for advisors.


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