The Ingenuity in Action program recognizes significant experiential opportunities at Cornell in six categories: Civic Engagement, Creative Expression, Global Connections, Leadership, Professional Exploration, and Research.

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Civic Engagement

Civic engagement experiences are opportunities for students to contribute positively to society and connect to their local, national, and international communities. Civic engagement experiences should be grounded in civic and social responsibility and should emphasize collaboration with community stakeholders. Civic engagement experiences can be practiced through social activism, public scholarship, community advocacy, and direct service.

Civic Engagement Rubric

Creative Expression

Creative Expression experiences are opportunities for students to explore their creative potential.

Activities in this category are focused on the conceptualization and execution of creative work. These experiences should emphasize exploring the student’s creative process and aesthetic choices.

In addition, creative work should be presented, published, performed, or exhibited in some form.

Creative Expressions Rubric

Global Connections

Opportunities for students to broaden their perspective through engaging with people from a culture other than their own culture or immersing themselves in a culture or environment different from their own.

Global Connections experiences should also deepen students’ understanding of the interconnectedness of the world and the range of political, social, cultural, environmental, and/or economic issues affecting cultures and interactions across the globe.

Global Connections Rubric


Leadership is generally defined as the act of motivating and inspiring others toward achieving common goals.

These experiences should help students explore their values, leadership principles and ethical boundaries and practice self-awareness as they collaborate with others. Through this process, students will begin to understand how their unique personality and skills influence others.

Leadership Rubric

Professional Exploration

Professional Exploration experiences are opportunities for students to engage in vocational discovery, develop valuable skills, and be immersed in a professional setting.

Professional Exploration Rubric


Research experiences should emphasize the development of disciplinary research skills and methodology and encourage students to engage with the planning, execution, and presentation of their research efforts.

 Research experiences should be presented, published, or made public in some form, requiring the researcher to participate in a community of scholars.

Research Rubric