Cornell students gather as a study group.

Completing every course in 18 days means some intense study sessions are ahead. The great thing we see about students at Cornell is that they’re very encouraging of one another and help each other succeed. You’re likely to find study partners within your classmates, with others in your residence halls and social groups, and among your friends.

To facilitate study you’ll find lots of spaces on campus that you can reserve or drop in to use for study spots. There are smart rooms with technology hook-ups meant to facilitate sharing in Cole Library, Thomas Commons, the residence halls, and academic buildings. There are comfy low-tech conversation spots there as well. Prefer fresh air? We’ve got patio locations, hammocks, and scattered picnic tables for gathering outdoors.

If you need coffee to perk you up, head to Zamora’s Market for a pick-me-up and study spot. And if it’s a really late night study session, the Intercultural Life house keeps the lights on until midnight during finals.

Complete your application and plan your next visit. When you’re here to visit, keep an eye out for prime study spots that fit your study habits.