Cornell faculty mentors Cornell student in the lab.

Students and faculty at Cornell both talk about the value of the mentorship that happens on campus. The relationships that are built during class experiences, research projects, and work-study jobs will enrich your time at Cornell and result in strong letters of recommendation that make your job or graduate school application stand out.

Here’s what a few of our 2017 graduates had to say when asked about their mentors at Cornell:

“I was able to build really close relationships with both faculty and staff members and they all influenced me in such a substantial way that choosing one is impossible!” - Leah Bossom ‘17

"Professor Ochoa-Shivapour would constantly check up on my well-being as well as my academic goals and simply making sure I was okay. She sat in with me on several occasions to give me tips on looking for financial help when it came to law schools and other great tips, she also wrote me a phenomenal recommendation letter." - Jose De La Torre ‘17

“I can’t not mention my Psychology Advisor Sue Astley. She has helped me navigate what I want to do with my life.” - Marquis Terrell ‘17

“I have formed strong relationships with Craig Tepper and Jai Shanata, professors in the biology and chemistry departments, respectively. They have both been tremendous mentors, as they are always very supportive and encouraging and have given me a lot of confidence in terms of academics and pursuing my future goals. Whether it be a question about homework or life in general, both Tepper and Jai are always there to listen.” - Sydney Strunk ‘17

“Professor Baty and I worked on the overall design and script [for my summer research project in French], and I coded the game myself in JavaScript. What we had completed by the end of the summer is likely my biggest achievement.” - Kat Sayrs ‘17

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