Cornell students work on a project for their First Year Seminar.

Having trouble imagining what it will mean to study One Course At A Time? We know it can take a bit of transition time; that’s why your first course at Cornell will be your First Year Seminar (FYS). Your professor for FYS is going to help you transition into life at Cornell, learn how to study one block at a time, and help you find all the campus resources that are going to offer you the support you can lean on to help with your studies.

You’ll see all these tools played out in some fun and intriguing seminar topics like:

  • Fundamental of Theatre Design
  • College Success: Drugs, Neurons, and Your Brain
  • Energy and Society
  • Truth & Lies: Anthropology, truth telling, fake news, and academic success
  • The Beauty & Joy of Computing
  • International Politics

FYS courses are first-come, first-served, so getting your application submitted and approved means you’ll get the best choices.