Cornell Frisbee Club pose for the camera.

Are you looking to bring your current interests and passions to Cornell or are you ready to jump into new experiences? We’ve got that.

With nearly 100 opportunities to engage in group activities on campus you’ll be able to stay busy and try things you haven’t had a chance to explore yet. We will encourage you to expand your worldview and explore activities with groups that offer different perspectives than you might have had in your past. All groups funded by the student senate have open meetings with no commitment required, stop in and see what they’re about.

If you don’t see the group you’d really like to participate in on our current list, flex your leadership muscles and gather a few other interested parties and start your own group. You can work with the student activities office to get it off the ground.

Getting involved at Cornell is easy. Start by completing your application today. Then visit campus during the school year and catch an event on the OC, in the theatre, or in the sports arena. See what’s on the calendar.