Cornell students in a discussion with faculty in the classroom.

When you study One Course At A Time, each of your classes becomes a micro-community. You’ll engage with your classmates and professor to discuss the material you’re studying right away, usually on day one.

One Course also gives every professor the freedom to structure your class around the material you’re studying that Block. In a philosophy or writing class you might have an intense discussion of your concepts every day or workshop what you wrote last night. In your natural science courses you might spend the morning hours discussing scientific methods, then afternoons are spent in the lab. In the fine arts you could discuss your artistic approach, put it into practice, and then break to reflect on how that experience enhances your art. Your classroom pace fits your material, and many professors invite you to help set expectations for your class

Come to campus and sit in on a class to see One Course in action, before or after you complete your application.