The career options for majors in Ethnic Studies are various. The major's special knowledge of the social, political, and legal status of ethnic groups is useful in many different career options including teaching, psychology and counseling, law, social work, health care services, journalism, community organization, and a wide variety of civil service positions in federal, state, and local governments.

Notes on specific career paths

  • Students who seek teaching careers in secondary school education should also pursue a major in Education.
  • Persons who seek careers in college and university teaching should acquire at least a Master's degree and preferably a Ph.D. from universities that offer graduate programs in Ethnic Studies.
  • Students who desire careers in psychology and counseling should also pursue a psychology major.
  • Students who desire legal careers should plan to attend a law school and obtain a J.D. degree.

Students should consult faculty members in their areas of interest and the Berry Career Institute.