Chalkboard in Cornell classroom

One Course At A Time

As someone who is interested in becoming a secondary education teacher, you’ll soon value the benefits of learning on the block plan. You focus on one course for 18 days, every day, Monday through Friday. Classes are small, interactive, and challenging. You get to know your professors and they get to know you. You get familiar with (and learn to appreciate) the diverse perspectives of your classmates who come from all over the U.S. and internationally to experience college One Course At A Time.

Journey from student to secondary education teacher

Start by taking two 200-level education courses in your first year. (A practicum in your first year helps you get a feel for what teaching is like in a real classroom.)

Declare your subject major in your sophomore year.

Secondary education students don’t major in secondary education but they do work toward certification and can obtain endorsement in certain subjects. You’ll major in a subject you want to teach, completing coursework designed to meet the teacher licensure requirements for the State of Iowa in multiple endorsement areas.

Apply to the Teacher Education Program. Once you’re accepted into the program, celebrate that you’re one step closer to licensure for teaching. By the time you are student teaching in your senior year, you’ll be classroom comfortable, because previous practicums will have prepared you.

Before you graduate or after you graduate, you’ll take an exit exam and get your Iowa licensure you can get licensed to teach in another state.

Finding your first teaching job

We work closely with you, providing mentorship, supervision, and guidance as you craft your resumes, cover letters, and application materials. Your professors know you well, which means they can write a more personalized letter that speak to your abilities for that first job. We will offer you guidance throughout your job search process. Before you interview for that first job, you’ll get the chance to attend a career day to participate in mock interviews with real principals.

We’re with you every step of the journey.