Recommend for Licensure

Data Action
  1. Successful completion of all Student Teaching and Senior Seminar standards with a minimum rating of BASIC.

  2. Endorsement from the college supervising professor and local mentor teacher.

  3. Baccalaureate degree granted with appropriate majors completed including appropriate education coursework.

  4. Electronic fingerprint completed and waiver form handed to the BOEE fingerprinting officer in the fall of senior year.

  5. Iowa license application completed before fingerprinting.

  6. Payment of the required license fees.

  7. Pass the pedagogy and content portions of the Praxis II.
  8. Good standing with Office of Student Affairs.

  9. Clean criminal record.

  10. Approval of the Education Department and the Recommending Official.
Approval of Recommending Official, recommended/not recommended by cooperating teacher, and supervising professor