Conceptual framework

The Cornell Teacher Education Program is solidly grounded in the liberal arts.  Our conceptual framework articulates our educational philosophy and goals, emphasizing communication, critical thinking, lifelong learning, respect, and humanistic dispositions.

Course Information

The goal of the Education Department is to assist students as they move through stages that we believe are developmentally appropriate in the process of becoming effective teachers. There are four distinct stages of our program that correlate to specific courses:

  1. Critical Observation
  2. Practical Application 
  3. Full-time Student Teaching 
  4. Reflection and Professional Development Planning

Read more about the learning objectives of each stage, as well as specific information and syllabus examples for courses that apply to each stage.

Courses for Non-majors

The department does not currently offer a minor, but our 200-level courses are open to all students and offer excellent opportunities for critical thinking and inquiry into learning and teaching.  These courses include Historical Foundations of Education, Educational Psychology, Exceptional Learner, and Education and Culture.