Thank you for providing a recommendation for an applicant to participate in Operation Walk. It is essential that students not only be academically and emotionally prepared to participate in this experience, but also be able to serve as a global representative of Cornell College.

Please give us your candid assessment of this student's work habits, academic competence and potential, confidence in representing Cornell, and the relevance of Operation Walk to the applicant's professional interests. Information that addresses our selection criteria is especially useful in evaluating candidates. Feel free to share any additional information you feel the Dimensions Operations Committee needs to know to fully assess this applicant in your response. Your responses will go directly to the Associate Director of Dimensions and will be reviewed by the members of the Dimensions Operations Committee.

Selection Criteria:

1. Work ethic and habits
2. Evidence of self-direction
3. Leadership experience (involvement in co-curricular activities on or off campus, and evidence of taking responsibility for tasks and pursuing them to completion)
4. Ability to work well with others
5. Ability to work under pressure and in stressful environments
6. Language proficiency
7. Evidence of strong communication skills
8. Professional interests
9. Strong performance in a substantial distribution of coursework

Access the recommendation form, and review the following information: 
Operation Walk Application Process 
Operation Walk Selection Process 
Operation Walk Expectations for Selected Students