What is the Health Professions Committee?

Cornell's Health Professions Committee (HPC) assists students applying to professional programs in healthcare. The committee should be utilized by all medical school applicants, and can be used by students applying to dental, veterinary, physician assistant, optometry, and physical therapy programs.

Health Professions Committee Roles  

HPC members review each student's application in its entirety. In addition, a committee letter of recommendation is authored and accompanies the student's application. 

Dimensions purchases a Virtual Evaluations record for student applicants. Virtual Evaluations is a web-based system designed to transmit recommendation letters in a secure, confidential, and efficient manner eliminating the need for students to send a set of recommendation letters to each school.   

Utilizing the Health Professions Committee 

Current Cornell students and Cornell alumni are encouraged to utilize the HPC. Please download the Health Professions Committee (HPC) Guide and Application Timeline to review the application process.

HPC applications are due to the Associate Director of Dimensions by July 1st*.

*The July 1st deadline may be extended for programs other than medicine, including Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), Physician Assistant (PA), and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) due to later admission deadlines. Students/alumni applying to healthcare programs other than medicine should confirm an HPC application deadline with the Associate Director of Dimensions as early as possible and before July 1st.  

Support for Healthcare-Related Graduate Programs  

Students applying for master or doctoral programs in the biomedical sciences or healthcare-oriented graduate programs are encouraged to meet with the Associate Director of Dimensions for assistance in the development of application materials, program search, and interview preparation.