Preparing for graduate and professional school in healthcare and the health sciences is a lengthy process. The sooner you start exploring the types of programs interesting you, the more prepared you will be for the application process.

Students interested in graduate and professional healthcare programs are strongly encouraged to start meeting with the Associate Director of Dimensions as early as their first year on campus. The Associate Director of Dimensions:  

  • Helps students find opportunities to explore different roles in healthcare and the health sciences
  • Helps students assess graduate and professional programs of interest 
  • Connects students to Cornell College alumni in both schools and functional areas of interest  
  • Helps students identify prerequisites for graduate and professional programs of interest
  • Reviews student application materials prior to submitting materials to the Health Professions Committee 
  • Helps students navigate the application process 
  • Facilitates mock interviews 
  • Coordinates the Dimensions' library, a resource with numerous healthcare and health science career texts for students to utilize   
  • Helps students determine appropriate courses of study for admissions examinations (MCAT, GRE, DAT, PCAT, etc)  
  • Coordinates the Health Professions Committee process 
  • Submits all letters of recommendation on student's behalf