The mission of the Dimensions Program for Health Professions is the creative preparation, in a unique, eclectic education, of health care specialists who are devoted to the enrichment of society through science and service.

The aims of Dimensions are to educate, inform, and inspire Cornell College students regarding the art and culture of healthcare, as well as the science of healthcare, with the goal of healing the patient as well as treating the affliction.

In this process, students come to understand the importance of empathy and communication, of discipline and creativity, and of individual initiative and teamwork in any successful professional healthcare career.

Specifically, Dimensions provides a framework for students to:

  • acquire superior scientific knowledge to provide a foundation for understanding the principles and technology of human health;

  • develop strong communication skills nurturing the capacity to write clearly and read critically across disciplines;

  • establish a firm foundation for developing productive interpersonal relationships;

  • understand the human and scientific history of medicine and the social and community contexts in which healthcare is delivered;

  • learn about the economics of health care and medical practice management; and

  • integrate knowledge across disciplines to provide a basis for solving problems related to health and health care delivery in the professional world.