McLennan College Hall Mechanical Project

To all:

Cornell is about to embark on a mechanical restoration project at College Hall that will focus around the infrastructure, student experience and accessibility of this historic building.

With these efforts we will be looking to for assistance in helping the college achieve our very aggressive timeline. 

Below describe project expectations and provide key timelines over the next several months: 

Infrastructure updates:

  • Heating and cooling, plumbing, electrical, data and ventilation


  • New ADA access ramp, accessible lavatories, and new exterior stair casings on all four sides of the building and a terrace that can be utilized by all for social activities and or outdoor classes.


  • Painting and repairs of the hallways from the basement on up, refinishing all three floors of center entryway stair case, resurfacing of the north and south stair cases, painting and resurfacing in offices where duck work, electrical and data intrude, new carpeting in hallways and most classrooms and offices.

Audio, Visuals and Furnishings:

  • Electronics for each classroom will be updated with new projectors, wall and desktop monitor, desk chairs for the offices, and all new student desks tables and chairs.
  • And of course, a state-of-the-art finance lab with observation areas.

Renovation Project timeline:

Renovation: 02/15/2021 – 07/29/2021

02/15/2021 – Faculty will be asked to start removing personal items from their offices and packing of items they wish to be stored on campus at predetermined locations.

  • Tenants will be asked to label each box and piece of furnishing with their name, room number and any contact information they wish to provide. (packing labels will be provided)
  • Once storage location is known and items have been transferred, tenant will be notified of areas their items have been stored on campus.   

Note: if a tenant has physical limitations the college will work solely with those individuals.

Trash and documents needing to be shred:

  • Containers will be staged on each floor and will be monitored on a daily basis
  • Large dumpster (30 yards) will be staged outside on the north east corner of the building.

Packaging Materials:

Packaging Materials will be staged in the basement area of College Hall, this will include:

  • Boxes, tape, tape dispensers, labels for room identification, packing paper and bubble wrap.
  • Moving equipment: Carts and dollies will be made available in the basement area

Campus IT

  • Cornell’s IT groups will be working with faculty on this transition. IT will be creating an interactive message board on the web for College Hall faculty to communicate needs, notify project leads they/you are ready to be move and to review projects status updates.    

03/12/2021 - Deadline for all tenants to be packed and personal items removed from campus

03/15/2021 – IT to begin demo of classroom AV and all other network equipment (office and classroom)

03/17/2021 – Contract movers begin moving all boxes and furniture.

  • Note: with the exception of corner offices, desks and file cabinets will remain in their respective offices. Those items will be covered and sealed to protect against entry and dust contaminates. (No need to empty file cabinets).    

03/22/2021 – Asbestos and Lead abatement begins; finial AV demo concludes and construction perimeter is laid out.

03/29/2021 – Construction begins

Note: NO ONE outside authorized personnel will be permitted in the building within the construction barriers while under construction. 

07/30/2021 – Projected construction completion

08/02/2021 – Projected move back to McLennan College Hall


  • Renovation timeline: 02/15/2021 – 07/29/2021
  • Packing to begin: 02/15/2021
  • Deadline for packing: 03/12/2021
  • Network demo: 03/15/2021
  • Movers begin moving items: 03/17/2021
  • Abatement begins and construction perimeter: 03/22/2021
  • Renovation begins: 03/29/2021

Return to offices: TBD 

If you are packed and ready to move;
Please update your tracking status to let facilities know