The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) reports that demand for computer professionals  is projected to grow 12 percent from 2014 to 2024, faster than the average for all occupations, with a typical starting salary of $55,900. Computer science graduates may choose from numerous career paths, including working as a software applications developer, systems analyst, network or database administrator, business intelligence analyst, or quality assurance specialist.

Alumni careers

Digital transformations consultant at Sogeti, West Des Moines, Iowa (Class of 2015)

Web developer at AppealingStudio, Frisco, Texas (Class of 2015)

Web specialist at Frontier Co-op, Cedar Rapids, Iowa (Class of 2015)

Associate software engineer at ConnectWise, Tampa, Florida (Class of 2015)

Programmer at Data Managers Inc., Vernon Hills, Illinois (Class of 2014)

Associate software engineer at Connecture, Durham, North Carolina (Class of 2014)

Visiting researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Class of 2014)

Web development track at Startup Institute, Boston, Massachusetts (Class of 2013)

Software support specialist at OpticsPlanet, Waukegan, Illinois (Class of 2013)

IT consultant at Prescio Consulting, Casa Grande, Arizona (Class of 2013)

Software developer at Epocrates, Berkeley, California (Class of 2013)

Software engineer at Cazena, Cambridge, Massachusetts (Class of 2013)

IT business analyst at AIG, Boston, Massachusetts (Class of 2013)

Quality assurance software developer at Pitney Bowes Software, Arvada, Colorado (Class of 2012)

Engineer at Piazza, San Francisco, California (Class of 2012)

Software engineer at Braintree, Columbus, Ohio (Class of 2012)

Software engineer at RuffaloCODY, Cedar Rapids, Iowa (Class of 2012)

Labs architect at Gorilla Group, Atlanta, Georgia (Class of 2012)

Web developer at John Deere, Des Moines, Iowa (Class of 2012)

Applications developer at JPMorgan Chase, Columbus, Ohio (Class of 2011)

Provisioning associate at Velocity Technology Solutions, Seattle, Washington (Class of 2011)

Software engineer at SportsLabs, Denver, Colorado (Class of 2011)

Associate project manager at Google, Mountain View, California (Class of 2009)

Head of commerce at Braintree and former chief technology officer of Obama for America, Chicago, Illinois (Class of 2001)

Citrix senior administrator at Ibermática, Rochester, New York (Class of 2000)

President at Lake Design, Inc., Norman, Oklahoma (Class of 1998)

President at Releva MD, North Charleston, South Carolina (Class of 1996)

Owner and president at Honey Buzz Group, Marion, Iowa (Class of 1992)

Managing director of SE Asia at APL Logistics, Singapore (Class of 1986)

Graduate schools attended

Ph.D. in computer science, Washington University in St. Louis (Class of 2015)

Master of applied computer science in multimedia, Dalhousie University (Class of 2014)

M.S. in electrical and computer engineering, Southern Illinois University (Class of 2013)

Master of engineering in computer science, University of California, Berkeley (Class of 2013)

Ph.D. in organic chemistry, Northwestern University (Class of 2013)

M.S. in information technology, Bentley University (Class of 2013)

M.S. in computational mathematics, Stanford University (Class of 2012)

Ph.D. in computer science, University of Colorado Boulder (Class of 2012)

Ph.D. in computing, University of Utah (Class of 2012)

Ph.D. in electrical engineering, University of Minnesota (Class of 2012)

Ph.D. in bioinformatics and computational biology, Iowa State University (Class of 2011)

M.S. in computer science, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Class of 2011)