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Let's Review Greek!

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Let's Review Greek!
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Why Study Greek?

Discover great ideas

learn to think critically

investigate the origins of philosophy

perform great drama

meet the people of the world's first democracy

explore Greek mythology

read Homer, Sophocles, Plato, and Luke in their own words.


If you need more reasons, check out a few of these links.

Why Study Greek? from the National Committee for Latin and Greek

A Brief History of the Greek Language, by Micheal Palmer, shows that Greek has been a living language for over three millenia

How the Classics Affect Us Today: a fun look at how the language and culture of the Greeks lives on

Why in Heaven's Name are you Studying Greek? a personal reflection by Lynn Sherr of ABC News

Take a look at Greek Too! sponsored by the Texas Classical Association

Home Page of the Committee for the Promotion of Greek lists places you can study Greek over the summer or travel abroad in Greece


Photo: Lysikrates Monument, Athens, 387 BCE, celebrating Lysikrates winning the dramatic competition at the City Dionysia that year.

Photograph copyright © 2000 by John Gruber-Miller.

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