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Let's Review Greek!

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Let's Review Greek!
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Greek Writers

Sophocles, Athenian playwright, Riley Collection

After you have explored the Reading Passages, use this page to find a text on a topic that interests you. It is organized by genre, by date (within each section, authors are arranged chronologically), and by difficulty (an asterisk denotes an author that is "easier"). Click on an author to learn a bit more about each one. After you have found an author, visit Perseus' Greek and Roman Materials page (below) to access individual works.


Biography:  Plutarch, Parallel Lives (biographies of notable Greeks and Romans)

Biology/Medicine: Hippocrates (many works on medicine attributed to him); Aristotle; Theophrastus, On Plants; Galen (many works on medicine); Aelian, The Nature of Animals

History and Biography:  Herodotus, History of the Persian Wars; Thucydides, History of the Peloponnesian War; *Xenophon, Hellenica (Greek history from 411-363 BCE), Anabasis (March of the Ten Thousand); Polybius, History (esp. Rome's war with Hannibal and the early 2nd century BCE), Josephus, Jewish War and Jewish Antiquities; *Arrian, Campaigns of Alexander the Great, *Appian, History of Rome (esp. 1st century BCE); *Cassius Dio, Roman History (esp. 69 BCE-46 CE)

Mathematics:  Archimedes, Geometry; Euclid, Elements (in the Loeb Library Greek Mathematics)

Mime:  Herodas, Mimiamboi

Mythology and Religion:  Andocides On the Mysteries, Philo (three works on the Pentateuch); Josephus, Jewish Antiquities; *Greek New Testament; *Apollodorus, Library of Greek Mythology; *Pausanias, Description of Greece

Novel:  *Chariton, Chaereas and Callirhoe; Xenophon of Ephesus, An Ephesian Tale; Achilles Tatius, Leucippe and Clitophon; Longus, Daphnis and Chloe; Heliodorus, An Ethiopian Story

Politics and Philosophy: The Old Oligarch, Constitution of the Athenians; *Xenophon, Memorabilia (Memoirs of Socrates); Plato; Aristotle; *Plutarch, Moralia; *Diogenes Laertius, Lives of the Eminent Philosophers

Satire/Fantasy:  *Aesop, Fables; Theophrastus, Characters, *Lucian, A True Story and Dialogues; Babrius, Fables

Travel Literature:  *Strabo, Geography of the Roman Empire; *Pausanias, Description of Greece

Library of Hadrian, Athens, ca. 125 CE


Epic: Homer, Iliad and Odyssey; Homeric Hymns

Tragedy:  Aeschylus, 7 plays extant including the Oresteia; Sophocles, 7 plays extant including Oedipus the King; Euripides, 17 plays including Bacchae, plus one satyr play, Cyclops

Comedy:  Aristophanes, 11 comedies including Clouds, Birds, Lysistrata, Frogs; *Menander, 1 complete play, Dyscolus (the Grouch), and large portions of 5 others

Lyric and Elegiac Poetry:  Sappho, Anacreon, Attic Scolia (drinking songs), Theognis, *Solon (all in the Loeb Library Greek Lyric), the Greek Anthology (includes epigrams and short poems by both men and women poets [in the Loeb Library Greek Anthology])



Let's Read Greek (Louis Sorenson)



Mischa Hooker's Greek Literature (classicsindex wiki)

Perseus' Greek and Roman Materials (Perseus) hyperlinked to Liddell and Scott Greek-English Lexicon and a morphological analyzer.



If you can't find what you are looking for on-line at Perseus or simply prefer books to on-line texts, here are a few publishers who specialize in texts and commentaries for intermediate Greek students:

Bryn Mawr Classical Commentaries (distributed by Hackett Publishing)

Focus Publishing

Loeb Classical Library (not commentaries, but Greek text with English translation on facing page)

University of Oklahoma Press


Photo: Library of Hadrian, copyright © 2000 by John Gruber-Miller.

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