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Let's Review Greek!

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Ariadne: Resources for Athenaze
Let's Review Greek!
Roman Portraits
Scriba Software
VRoma Project

Web Resources for the Greek Language

Papyrus of a private letter
Private Letter, 1st century CE, Duke Papyrus Archive


Liddell-Scott-Jones Greek Lexicon ("Great Scott"). Searchable lexicon from the Perseus project.

Woodhouse, English-Greek Dictionary, scanned in, page by page, with a search function (University of Chicago)

Ancient Greek Music contains recordings of ancient Greek music, including music from Euripides' Orestes and two paians to Apollo from Delphi

A Brief History of the Greek Language, by Micheal Palmer, shows that Greek has been a living language for over three millenia

Listen to excerpts from Homer, Plato, and Pindar in ancient Greek at Classical Language Instruction Project (Princeton). Each passage is read in three different ways: an Erasmic pronunciation, reconstructed pronunciation, and modern Greek pronunciation.

Jay Treat, Differences between Classical and Hellenistic Greek, A Quick Introduction, discusses orthography, vocabulary, morphology, and syntax

Hardy Hansen's course on Greek Prose Style features links to Greek texts, bibliography, ancient criticism, an essay on Loose and Periodic Style, and more.

Listen to Homer in Greek at Homer in Performance (Gregory Nagy).

Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts, an introduction to paleography, the study of ancient manuscripts, with special attention to how the text of the New Testament was transmitted.

Peter van Minnen, Writing in Egypt under Greek and Roman Rule, illustrated with images of papyri

Gateway to Greek Manuscripts on the WWW includes links to the Duke Papyrus Archive, the Oxyrhynchus Papyrus Site, and many more

Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts (British Library)

Mega Sites

Micheal Palmer's Greek Language and Linguistics Gateway

Ancient Greek Language on the Web: A Critical Survey of Websites (Marc Huys and Toon Van Hal)

Mischa Hooker's Greek language (classicsindex wiki)

Greek New Testament Gateway (Mark Goodacre) is a wonderful site with on-line texts of the NT, info on learning NT Greek, bibliographies, grammars, lexica, fonts, and computer software.

Internet Resources for Biblical Studies (Diotima)

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