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Let's Review Greek!

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Ariadne: Resources for Athenaze
Let's Review Greek!
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Greek Grammar


If you need help reviewing particular grammatical topics, you may wish to consult the sphinx or visit one of the grammars listed below. If you want help practicing Greek grammar or vocabulary, visit the on-line exercises.

The Basics

Open University's Introducing Ancient Greek introduces the Greek alphabet and diphthongs, followed by practice exercises.

Classical Greek pronunciation and accentuation (Donald Mastronarde) features a pronunciation guide, pronunciation exercises, accentuation tutorial and accentuation practice, plus lots of audio files so that you can hear classical Greek

Greek Help at LSU, geared for beginning and intermediate students, contains core vocabulary lists (including the 50% and 80% lists), grammar aids, and supplementary readings

Helma Dik's Nifty Greek Handouts has complete noun and verb paradigm charts, help on accents, uses of the subjunctive and optative, and a 90% list of Greek vocabulary

Greek Grammars: Easy

Elaine Woodward and Marianne Pagos' Enchiridion: A User-Friendly Guide for Reading Ancient Greek (classical) can be downloaded

Alison Barker's Ancient Greek with Thrasymachus is essentially an on-line text with grammar explanations and exercises

Mathos, Ancient Greek for Beginners. The site has a free downloadable Greek font (SPIonic), topics on elementary Greek grammar and syntax connected with basic verb, noun, adjective and pronoun forms, reinforced with exercises, readings, sound files (to hear the pronunciation), glossary of grammatical terms and Word Lists (Rosemary Wright).

Greek Grammars: Intermediate and Advanced

Jeffrey Rydberg-Cox's Overview of Greek Syntax (Perseus)

Corey Keating's Resources for Learning New Testament Greek has some nice discussions of the tense, moods, and cases in the More Detailed Explanations section

Smyth's Classical Greek Grammar (Perseus)

Greek Grammar: On-line Exercises

Ariadne: Resources for Athenaze follows Athenaze chapter by chapter. Ariadne includes:

  • images with additional cultural information,
  • oral scripts to practice your ability to speak Greek, to develop vocabulary, and to practice new grammatical concepts and forms.
  • authentic Greek texts, inscriptions and other texts, illustrating the lives of women, metics, slaves, and non-Greeks.
  • writing activities to help you look at Greek culture through the eyes of others
  • culture questions to challenge your assumptions about Greek culture and to help you understand different points of view within the Greek world.

James Johnson's Supplementary Exercises for Athenaze

Athenaze Greek Exercises (University of Victoria)

Alison Barker's Ancient Greek with Thrasymachus contains exercises and answer keys throughout each chapter

Matt Neuburg's downloadable JACT Greek Stacks features grammar exercises and vocabulary to accompany JACT Reading Greek.

Additional Resources

Micheal Palmer's Learn Greek (Greek Language and Linguistics Gateway)

Ancient Greek Language on the Web: A Critical Survey of Websites (Marc Huys and Toon Van Hal)

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