Metamorphoses Project:
Tracing Mythology through Time and Place
Dionysos holding a kantharos
Attic Black-Figure Alabastron by the Haimon Painter, ca. 480 B.C.

Divinity/Hero: Put the name of the divinity /hero here.

Group Members:  Put your names here.

Part 1

Different Greek versions of the myth (due 1st Friday at 5 p.m.)

Find at least five different myths associated with your divinity/hero.  List the ancient author, bibliographic reference to the primary source, and brief summary of the myth below.  If you can find the primary text of the myth on the WWW, please include a link to that source.  For Part 1, you should include at least 2-3 images from the ancient world. Please include a link to that image and cite the medium, date created, museum catalogue number, name of the museum, and modern source.  (Delete this paragraph when you have finished this section of the project.)

Analysis of the hero/divinity in antiquity (due 2nd Monday at 5 p.m.)

The mythology of various divinities can include many variants, some of them seemingly contradictory.  Analyze your sources, using the library and WWW resources presented in class, and explain how we can make sense of these different myths.  What makes this divinity/hero tick?  Are there certain patterns of action, thought, or speech?  What unifies the divinity/hero?  Length: 5-6 paragraphs with supporting details.  You may include links within the paragraphs if appropriate.  Please cite ancient sources by book and line number, if possible. (Delete this paragraph when you have finished this section of the project.)

(You will be adding Part 2 later.)

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