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Big Screen Rome

Web Resources for Big Screen Rome

Amphitheater, Pompeii

Writing and Citing Sources

OWL Purdue Online Writing Lab has help ranging from getting commas right and forming parallel phrases to dealing with writer's block and forming a thesis to evaluating and citing sources.

Diana Hacker and Barbara Fister, Research and Documentation Online, 5th edition, shows you how to cite sources in MLA, APA, Chicago, and the Sciences

Roman Life and Culture

Rome: Republic to Empire (VRoma)

Spartacus: Historical Background (VRoma)

Cleopatra of Egypt: From History to Myth (Field Museum)

Mallory Monaco Caterine, "Gender and Leadership in Plutarch's Life of Antony"

Images of Fulvia, Octavia, and Cleopatra (Worlds of Roman Women)

Images of Cleopatra (Encyclopedia Romana)

Cleopatra's signature (Archaeology Magazine)

Antony, Octavian, and Cleopatra: The End of the Republic (VRoma)

The Circus Maximus (Encyclopedia Romana)

Leprosy (WHO)

Leprosy, including history of the disease and leprosy in the Bible (Catholic Encyclopedia)

Life of the Emperor Commodus (180-92 CE) (DIR)

Arena: Gladiatorial Games (Barbara McManus)

The Roman Gladiator (CTC-Ablemedia)

The Roman Gladiator (Encyclopedia Romana)

Roman Gladiatorial Games (CUNY-Brooklyn College)

Roman Gladiator's Gravestone Describes Fatal Foul (Yahoo News)

Film Sites

Spartacus quotes (IMDb)

Spartacus: Behind the Scenes of a Stanley Kubrick Classic (Life Magazine)

Ben-Hur (100 Greatest Films at

Amy Lifson, Ben-Hur: The Book that Shook the World (Humanities Magazine)

Study Guide for Ben-Hur (Rose Williams)

Sample Essays

Spartacus vs. Gladiator (This Distracted Globe)

Historical Background to the Films

McCarthyism (Hutchinson Encyclopedia)

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