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Ariadne: Resources for Athenaze
Let's Review Greek!
Roman Portraits
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VRoma Project

Petronius' Satyrica

  • Petronius' Satyricon on-line text with morphological analysis and online glossing of vocabulary (Perseus)
  • Complete Latin text of Petronius' Satyricon (The Latin Library)
  • Anne Mahoney, Overview of Latin Syntax, explains how to use cases, tenses, moods, participles, etc. (Perseus)
  • Allen and Greenough's New Latin Grammar. You can browse the Table of Contents on the left navbar or Search for a particular item using the Search dialogue box on the right side of the screen. (Perseus)

On-line Latin dictionaries

  • Whitaker's Words, an ordinary dictionary of about 39,000 words that provides short definitions and parts of speech (Notre Dame)
  • Glossa: a Latin Dictionary, based on Lewis and Short, provides much more thorough definitions for Latin as it was used from antiquity to the middle ages (a third way)

Colloquial Language

Roman Food

Roman History and Culture

Further Research

  • Ancient Narrative is a journal that focuses on Greek, Roman, Jewish novelistic traditions, including novels proper, the "fringe", as well as the fragments; narrative texts of the Byzantine age, early Christian narrative texts - and the reception of these works in modern literature, film and music.
  • TOCS-IN, Tables of Contents of journals in Classics



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