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Cast and Technical Crew: Production Schedule

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Cast from Poenulus 1999


Day 2 scenes chosen; writing groups chosen; adaptation possibilities discussed; possible venues discussed; performance dates set
Day 3-5 groups rewrite/adapt their scene for a 21st century audience
Day 6 everyone auditions; read-through of the scenes; venue chosen
Day 7 blocking begins; begin memorizing lines
Day 10 off-book for all English lines (you may ask for help with lines)
Day 12 off-book for all Latin lines (you may ask for help with lines)
Day 13 all English lines memorized; completely off-book
Day 14 all Latin lines memorized; completely off-book
Day 16 Performance 1 at 6:00 p.m.
Day 17 Performance 2 at 11:45; cast party following


All members of the technical crew need to report to the Technical Director daily. Collaborating with members of your crew is a sine qua non, especially at the creative/planning stages. As the term progresses, keep in daily contact with other members of your crew to ascertain what progress you are making. Helping out with other crews and with the actors (e.g., helping them learn lines) is also essential to the success of the production. Finally, your assistance at rehearsals during the third week is critical so that the cast can learn to work with the material you have prepared.


2nd Mon costumes designed (on paper)
2nd Tue measurements taken
3rd Mon costumes for major roles finished
3rd Wed costumes for minor roles finished


2nd Mon plan proposed (masks or make-up); faces designed (on paper)
3rd Wed make-up ready for dress rehearsal


2nd Tues overview of music proposed
Week 2 music directors work with actors to learn their music (outside of rehearsal time)
3rd Mon music ready to go at rehearsal (musicians present or music recorded)


1st Fri doors/scenery from last time found (in Commons storage)
2nd Tues preliminary set design(s) drawn and shown to Tech Director and Directors
2nd Thurs final set design approved by Tech Director and Directors
3rd Thurs set completed ready for dress rehearsal


2nd Mon a list of all props needed and where to find them
2nd Wed props (or a reasonable substitute) available at rehearsal
Week 3 someone present at all rehearsals to assist with props

Publicity/House Managers

please have every press release or ad approved by the producer and directors; all on-campus ads should be bi-lingual

2nd Mon marketing strategy proposed; press release due at OCC (Cornell Newsletter, Sun, Gazette, Press-Citizen)
2nd Tue letter to local classicists mailed out
3rd Mon campus publicity begins to appear
3rd Wed arrange for the show to be videotaped (make sure that the camera has a spare battery); make arrangements to rig lighting in the Black Box if weather looks ominous

before and after performances: in charge of preparing the theatrical space (cleaning, setting up decorations, directing traffic flow)


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Mt Vernon, IA 52314

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