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Cena Production Schedule and Responsibilities

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Collaborating with members of your crew is a sine qua non, especially at the creative/planning stages. As the term progresses, keep in daily contact with other members of your crew to ascertain what progress you are making. Helping out with other crews is also essential to the success of the production. Finally, your assistance the last few days before the banquet is critical so that the banquet goes smoothly.

2nd week each group presents on their research
3rd Tues Each group reports on their plans for the banquet; names of guests are proposed
3rd Wed invitation written (and emailed to guests)
3rd week all crews meet frequently with the instructor to finalize plans; skits are prepared and rehearsed
last Monday Roman banquet in Clock Tower Lounge; everyone is present early afternoon to begin set-up and food preparation; everyone will stay until everything is cleaned up


  • choose a range of menu items for each course; the class will select which recipes will be used
  • locate pots, pans, and other cookware to be used
  • borrow spices, condiments, and other common household foods
  • in consultation with the instructor, purchase food
  • type up the menu in Latin
  • with the help of others in the class, prepare the food


  • sort through Roman clothing in stock and determine what new garments are needed
  • find patterns for togae, stolae, and pallae
  • take measurements of all the guests; distribute clothing to guests at least one day before the banquet, preferably by the third Friday
  • in consultation with the instructor, choose fabric for new garments
  • sew new garments; alter others
  • serve food to convivae


  • locate lecti and cervicalia for the guests to recline on
  • obtain bedding to cover the lecti
  • find respositoria for food to be placed on
  • obtain tableware, spoons, and skewers
  • design decorations (walls, floors) appropriate for the triclinium
  • serve to remove footwear and provide drinks


  • draw up tentative guest list
  • compose basic Latin expressions to be used at the cena
  • design the program that will include the menu (ciborum tabella) and expressions (sermonum initium)
  • welcome and announce each guest in Latin as she or he arrives
  • help on the day of the banquet as needed
  • be on call to quell any disturbances


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