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Beginning Latin I

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Latin 101

Daily Schedule





Day 1

Chs 1-2

English grammar: Parts of speech; subject, object, object of a preposition. Pronunciation of Latin consonants and vowels;
SV, SVC, and SOV word order;
Nouns: 1st declension, nominative and accusative;
Verbs: 3rd singular.
Audio: Chapter 1 vocab, Ch 1 reading; Chapter 2 vocab, Ch 2 reading

Day 2

Ch. 3

English grammar: adjectives;
Pronunciation: Dividing Latin words into Syllables;
Gender, Noun-Adjective Agreement.
Nouns: 2nd declension, nominative and accusative;
Adjectives: 1st and 2nd declension;
Audio: Chapter 3 vocab, Chapter 3 reading;

The Roman Family: ARD #15-31, 41-50.

Day 3


Ch. 4

English grammar: verbs, tense and aspect;Pronunciation: accentuation of Latin words;
Nouns: Plural nominative and accusative;
Verbs: 3rd plural.

Audio: Chapter 4 vocab, Chapter 4 reading

Roman Society: Slaves and Freedmen: ARD #198-217, 227-232, 236-250.

Day 4

Ch 5

English grammar: prepositions;
Verbs: Present Tense, all persons;
Prepositions: ad, in, per; ab, ex, in.

Drawing of a Roman farm
Audio: Ch 5 vocab,
Ch 5 reading

Working for a Living: ARD #161-174, 185-197.

Day 5

Ch 6

Forming Questions;
Verbs: present infinitive; 3rd -io verbs;
Nouns: vocative case.
Audio: Ch 6 vocab,
Ch 6 reading

Day 6

Ch 7

Nouns: 3rd declension, nominative, accusative, and ablative;
Adjectives: 3rd declension
Irregular verbs: possum and eo.

Drawing of Greeks at Troy
: Ch 7 vocab,
Ch 7 reading

Education: ARD #134-155.

De disciplina puerili

Day 7



Midterm (Chs 1-6) Study Guide


Day 8

Ch 8

Verbs: imperatives;
Compound verbs: ad-, con-, e-, in-, re-
Enclitics: -que (and).

Latin Tutorial: imperatives

Audio: Ch 8 vocab,
Ch 8 reading

Homer and the Iliad: OLC Chs 7-8

Day 9


Ch 9


English grammar: adverbs
Nouns: Genitive Case;

Latin Tutorial: possessive genitive


Day 10

Ch 10

Story Due at 5 p.m.

Gender: Neuter nouns and adjectives

Latin tutorial: 3rd declension neuter nouns

Travels and Adventures of Aeneas: OLC Chs 9-11.

Day 11

Ch 11

Nouns: Dative Case.

Drawing of Aeneas' travels

Latin Tutorial: Latin's case system

Quaenam est tempestas? (matching game)
Dido and Aeneas illustrated


Day 12

Chs 12-13

English grammar: subordinating conjunctions
Review of nouns and adjectives;
Subordinate Clauses (ubi, quod, dum, si);
Relative Clauses (qui quae quod).

Roman Women: ARD #325-345.

Aeneis Vergili

Day 13


Midterm. (Chs 7-12) Study Guide

de arte coquinaria

Day 14

Ch 14

Script for Skit due at 5:00 p.m.
English grammar: pronouns
Demonstratives: is ea id; ille illa illud;
Pronouns: personal and reflexive.

Roman Religion: ARD #402-428.

Day 15

Ch 15-16

Demonstratives: hic haec hoc; ipse ipsa ipsum.

Early Roman history: OLC Chs 12, 15-16.
Natalis Urbis

Day 16

Ch 17

Verbs: Imperfect and Perfect Tenses
Perfect Stems: s- perfect.

Roman Government and Elections: OLC Chs 17-18; ARD #251-266

Day 17

Ch 18

Meanings of the Perfect Tense
Skits performed


Day 18


Final Exam (Chs 13-17) Study Guide


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