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Plautus' Aulularia 2003

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Aulularia prologue: The Lar

Euclio threatens Staphyla

Euclio hiding the gold from Megadorus

The entrance of the cooks, flute girls, and "lumbering" sheep

Euclio admiring the gold as the slave of Lyconides looks on


"My precious"


Aulularia Cast and crew:
Front: Brian Hatvick, Jessie Allison
Middle row: Nick Doucette, John Wagoner, Ashley Flanagan, Alyssa Johnston, Bryan Goldsmith, Rebecca Goldsmith, Cat Lipinski, Kristin Kush
Back row: Kyle Talley, John Dietz, David Dillon, Greg Berube, Bob Gally, Jason Matusiak, Jed Johnson, Nathan Sels, Matt Cross, Rebecca Baughman, Chad Steacy

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