Classical Studies
GRE 1-334-2010

Ancient Greek Society, Politics, and Culture


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Amphora depicting Ino and Phrixus

Back of a mirror from a tomb at Vetrella depicting Phrixus riding the Golden Ram while carrying Helle

Rome, Palazzo Massimo alle Terme (National Museums)

Marble sculpture by John Flaxman (1790-4) titled The Fury of Athamas

Ickworth, Suffolk

Roman mosaic depicting Leucothoe and Palaemon

Roman mosaic C4th A.D.,
Villa Romana del Casale, Piazza Amerina

Attic Red Figure depicting Hercules carrying Melicertes

ca. 350 BC

Berlin, Antikenmuseen

Berlin 31094

Roman mosaic depicting Palaemon riding a dolphin

C5th AD

Antakya Museum, Antakya, Turkey
Antakya 1017





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Ancient Greek Society, Politics, and Culture

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