Classical Studies
GRE 3-101-2009

Beginning Ancient Greek I

Daily Schedule

Week 1

Day 1 Introduction & Chapter 1

  • Grammar: The Greek alphabet; pronunciation; dipthongs; double consonants; breathings; punctuation; syllabification; Nouns: gender, case, and agreement; Verbs: 3rd singular.
  • Culture: Introduction to Ancient Athens.
  • Hwk: 1) Read Part 3: Writing Greek Letters, Athenaze, pp. xxx-xxxiii; then write out on lined paper the upper and lower case of each letter of the Greek alphabet: on each line write the same letter over and over until you reach the end of the line;
    2) complete Part 4. Practice in Pronunciation and Writing, 1-40 (Athenaze, p. xxxiii);
    3) In the English grammar packet (second last page), find the nouns in the passage from Plato's Republic;
    4) In the first paragraph of "The Athenian Farmer," Athenaze, p. 6, identify the function of each noun (subject, predicate nominative/complement, direct object, or object of a preposition; then read the rest of the culture essay.
    5) Do the exercises in Ariadne for Chapter 1.
    6) Practice saying and writing the vocabulary for Chapter 1a (audio file in Ariadne); study the grammar on pp. 3-5; complete Exercise 1a (p. 5);
    Read and understand the Greek passage on p. 2.

Day 2 Chapter 1b-2a

  • Grammar: Accent placement: grave, acute, circumflex; enclitics & proclitics. Verbs: 1st, 2nd & 3rd singular, indicative and imperative singular
  • Culture: The Athenian Farmer
  • Hwk: In the English grammar packet (second last page), find the adjectives in the passage from Plato's Republic;
    Vocabulary, Chapter 1b and 2a
    Read "Slavery," Chapter 2 Culture
    Greek reading passages, Chapter 1b and 2a
    Exercises 1b, 1c (beta-gamma); 2a, 2b, 2c (alpha-gamma)
    Ariadne, Chapter 2a Oral Script and Culture

Day 3 Chapter 2b-3a

  • Grammar: All four cases, singular; Accent placement: nouns and verbs; Verbs: 3rd person plural, plural imperatives, infinitives
  • Culture: Slavery
  • Hwk: Vocabulary, Chapter 2b and 3a
    Read the grammar explanations, pp. 24-25, then do Exercises 2d-2f (delta-zeta); Read grammar explanations, pp. 31-32, then do Exercises 3a-3b;
    Read the "The Deme and the Polis," Ch 3 Culture
    Greek Reading passages, Chapter 2b and 3a
    Ariadne, Chapter 2b Oral Script, Chapter 2 writing assignment
Week 2

Day 4 Chapters 3b

  • Grammar: 2nd declension, masculine and neuter, singular and plural; accent shifting on nouns; 1st declension, feminine, singular and plural (pp. 40-42)
  • Culture: The Deme and the Polis
  • Hwk: Vocabulary, Chapter 3b-4a
    Ariadne for chapter 3
    Write in Greek a complete set (sing. and pl.) of the forms of "the brave slave" and "the long plow" (Practice: p. 40 bottom)
    Exercises, Chapter 3 (gamma-epsilon)
    Greek reading passages, Chapter 3b; after reading chapter 3b, identify all the plural forms in the second paragraph

Day 5 Chapter 4a-b

  • Recorded Reading/Story #1 Due at 5 p.m.
  • Grammar: Verbs: all persons, singular and plural; Adjectives: 1st-2nd declension adjectives
  • Culture: Women
  • Hwk: Catch up on recent homework and readings
    Vocabulary, Chapter 4a-4b
    Ariadne for chapter 4
    Write in Greek a complete set (sing. and pl.) of the forms of "the festival" and "the house" (Practice: p. 51)
    Exercises, Chapter 4 (beta-epsilon)
    Greek reading passages, Chapter 4a and 4b

Day 6 Chapter 4b-5a

  • Grammar: English grammar: adverbs.
    Verbs: alpha-contract verbs; article at the beginning of a clause to show a change of subject; elision

Day 7 MIDTERM #1 (Chs 1-4) Study Guide

  • Hwk: Vocabulary, Chapter 5a-b
    English grammar packet (last two pages), find all the adverbs in the passage from Plato's Republic
    Exercises Chapter 4 (iota, kappa) and Ch5 (alpha-gamma)
    Ariadne, Chapter 5 Images
    Greek Reading passage, Chapter 5a

Day 8 Chapters 5b

  • Grammar: Adjectives: 1st & 2nd review, irregular adjectives; Nouns: masculine nouns of the 1st declension; adverbs; article review; elision; personal pronouns.
  • Culture: Gods
  • Hwk: Vocabulary, Chapter 5a-b
    Practice: p. 48: Write in Greek a complete set (sing. and pl.) of the forms of "the sea" and "fate" (Practice: p. 51); and "the citizen" and "the lazy young man" (Practice: p. 58)
    Exercises for Ch 5 (zeta, eta)
    Greek Reading Passage, Chapter 5b; after reading 5b, draw a map/diagram showing all the locations mentioned in the reading and also showing (with a dotted line) who went where and in what order.
    Ariadne, Chapter 5 Writing

Week 3

Day 9 Chapter 5 & 6a

  • Grammar: Verbs: Middle Voice: Meaning
  • Culture: Gods
  • Hwk: Vocabulary, Chapter 6a-b
    Ariadne, Chapter 6 Culture; Chapter 6 Writing has some good ideas for a story for tomorrow's story-writing assignment
    Exercise 6 gamma-thetaiota, plus finish up Chapter 5 eta
    Culture: Myth
    Greek Reading, Chapter 5b-6a

Day 10 Chapter 6

  • Recorded Reading/Story # 2 Due at 5 p.m.
  • Grammar: Nouns: 3rd decl., uses of the dative; prepositions; reflexive pronouns
  • Culture: Myth
  • Hwk: Vocabulary, Chapter 6b
    Greek Reading, Chapter 6b and "Theseus leaves Ariadne," p. 91
    Ariadne, Chapter 6 audio file "Who am I?"
    Exercises, Chapter 6 (kappa, lambda, mu, nu)


Day 11 Chapter 7

  • Grammar: Nouns: more 3rd decl. Adjectives: 3rd decl.; interrogatives; indefinite pronouns & adjectives;
  • Culture: Homer
  • Hwk: Vocabulary, Chapter 7a and 7b
    Ariadne: Chapter 6b Oral Script; Chapter 7 Images and Culture
    Write in Greek a complete set (sing. and pl.) of the forms of "hope" (Practice: p. 99), "the letter" (to gramma), and "the thief" (Practice, p. 107);
    Exercises, Chapter 7 alpha-gamma, epsilon
    Greek Reading, Chapter 7a-b

Day 12 Chapter 8

  • Grammar: Review

Day 13 MIDTERM #2 (Chs. 5-7) Study Guide

  • Hwk: Vocabulary, Chapter 8a-b
    Culture: Athens, A Historical Outline
    Greek Reading, Chapter 8a

Week 4

Day 14 Chapters 8

  • Grammar: Participles: present middle; Verbs: alpha contracts middle voice; Nouns: more 3rd decl.; numbers; expressions of time
  • Culture: Athens: A Historical Outline
  • Hwk: Vocabulary, review Chapters 6-8
    Culture: Athens, A Historical Outline
    Ariadne, Chapter 8
    Word Building, p. 144
    Exercises Chapter 8 beta-delta, zeta, eta (3-10)
    Greek Reading, Chapter 9a

Day 15 Chapter 9

  • Recorded Reading/Story # 3 Due
  • Grammar: Nouns: present active participles; uses of the genitive case
  • Culture: The City of Athens
  • Hwk: Vocabulary, Chapter 9a-b
    Ariadne, Chapter 9 Images, Reading
    Exercises, Chapter 9 beta, delta-epsilon, zeta
    Greek Reading, Chapter 9a-b

Day 16 Chapter 10

  • Grammar: Verbs: future tense; the verb "to go" in the future; impersonal verbs; verb review;
    some uses of the article.
  • Culture: Festivals
  • Hwk: Vocabulary, Chapter 10a-b
    Ariadne, Chapter 9b Writing
    Exercises Chapter 9 eta, Chapter 10 alpha-eta
    Greek Reading, Chapter 9b and 10a

Day 17 Chapters 10 & 11

  • Grammar: verb review cont.; preview of new verb forms emphasis on the aorist.

Day 18 FINAL EXAM (Chs. 8-10) Study Guide for the Final



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