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CLA 2-216-2001

Agamemnon Study Questions:

Click here for information on Aeschylus and here for background and images for the Oresteia.

  • A major theme of myth is the reintegration of the warrior into society after war. How does Agamemnon's homecoming differ from Odysseus' return home? What are the factors that contribute to these differences? How can inherited myths about kings and heroes be assimilated into a democratic society?

  • Think of how the play would have been staged. What is the most prominent structure on the stage? How is it significant to understanding the play.

  • How does the representation of Agamemnon in Aeschylus' play compare to his character in Homer? Do you find him to be a more or less sympathetic character in this play?

  • What do you think of the representation of Clytemnestra? What are her motives for killing Agamemnon in this play? Are we supposed to find her a sympathetic character, or not? How is Helen viewed in this play?

  • What impact on has the Trojan War had on Mykenai? How does the chorus of elders feel about Agamemnon and his return?

Last Update: Sept. 30, 2001
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