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Links for ancient Greek Weaving

Nicholas Cahill, Weaving (excerpt from his book Household and City Organization at Olynthus)

Text and Textile: An Introduction to Wool-working for Readers of Greek and Latin (pdf) A how-to guide to spinning and weaving using ancient Greek methods. In addition, a DVD with Susan Edmunds, Prudence Jones, and Gregory Nagy shows:
- How wool is spun into thread with a spindle
- How cloth was woven in ancient Greece and Rome
- Images of textile work from vase paintings and other sources
- Economic and cultural significance of women’s textile work
- Importance of textile metaphors in Greek and Latin literature

Ariadne's Prayer, part of The Thread Project: One World, One Cloth. Scroll down to read about Ariadne's Prayer. See a photo of children from Poros, Greece who helped weave Ariadne's Prayer.





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