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Victor Steiner-Davion, a character in the Battletech universe, a science fiction realm created by FASA, now run by Wiz Kids; he was a prince, but now is the Archon (King) of two of the most power houses in the Inner Sphere. This allows him great access to power and wealth which like Prometheus he used to save humanity and bring light and hope to mankind.

In the book Lost Destiny by Michael A. Stackpole, the Inner Sphere is being invaded by the Clans. Who are warriors who left the Inner Sphere centuries earlier, with in intention of conquering Holy Terra and the whole of the Inner Sphere, which amounts to several hundred planets. The Clans can accomplish this because they have better battlemechs and warriors. When the invasion started Victor was taken by people to be trained to become one of the best generals to help stop the invasion. To help him with his task he is given one of the most powerful battlemechs used by the Clans, which he names Prometheus.

While his battlemech is named Prometheus I feel that it is more of a reference to the man rather than the machine. This is because the machine can only bring light in the same sense as a light bulb does to a room, and I think it’s a more subtle meaning. I think this because in Battletech Victor goes through many of the same relative things as Prometheus does in ancient literature.

Relationship to Prometheus through the tricking of a “sacrifice,” Prometheus tricked Zeus with the fat, skin and bones of the animal while he took the meet in the stomach for humanity. Victor Steiner-Davion uses another Inner Sphere leader’s son who has died, through the use of a body double to get the war material he needs to turn back the Clan invasion. Both of their actions bring hurt to humanity, in Prometheus’s case Zeus punishes humanity. In Victor’s case he is faced the prospect of another war, and the dissolving of the fragile alliance he has forged through out the Inner Sphere. Both use deceptive measures to help ensure the continued success of humanity. For Victor to smooth things over he apologizes to him in Lost Destiny by Michael A. Stackpole.

Similarity two between Victor Steiner-Davion and Prometheus; they both are bringers of light and hope to humanity. Prometheus brings fire to humanity, which is the basis for most scientific advances post fire. Victor brings hope because he is the only person who has defeated the Clans on their terms.

Similarity they both are human champions to their “Zeus’s”; they stand up to their tormentors and help humans no matter the personal cost. For Prometheus he is chained to the rock, and later the eagle is sent to eat his liver everyday, while it re-grows every night. Victor looses his realms, lover, and some of closest friends. Also Prometheus takes fire from Zeus while Victor secures a stop of the invasion of the Clans. After their first triumphs Prometheus gives humanity everything, according to “Prometheus Bound” by Aeschylus, while Victor saves his subjects from his tyrannical sister. This continues the tradition of championing humanity.

Both Prometheus and Victor have secrets that they have that help spare them from the wraths of their respective tormentors. Prometheus knows of what will happen to Zeus is he dallies with one person, he will have a son who is greater than him. Victor knows where the Clan home world is and uses it to attack it and preempt the Clans and help stop the invasion.

Prometheus and Victor had to pay large prices for their selfless acts of heroism. Prometheus is chained to the rocks and later has his liver eaten everyday by an eagle while it re-grows every night. Victor pays his price with the loss of his realms to his sister, his lover being killed by his sister, and the loss of his closest friends. However, both are get off easier than originally supposed to. Prometheus is freed by Heracles, and Victor deposes of his sister. Victor also finds out that he has a son which allows him some respite to his grieving over his lover.

Both Prometheus and Victor Steiner-Davion make large mistakes which haunt them and humanity. Prometheus is responsible fro many of the arts that humans know, especially the ones needed for advancement and sustenance. He would have helped humanity more by just being in control of the world rather than letting things run on their own. Victor gives the Inner Sphere the tools needed to defeat the Clans, and he even shows them how to, in the annihilation of Clan Smoke Jaguar. However, after he deposes his sister he gives control to his siblings rather than him taking control. This leads to humanities downfall later, as his unwillingness to take control because of his fear of what he could do with the power.

Victor Steiner-Davion’s battlemech Prometheus is nothing more than a clever way of letting on as to the “true’ identity of himself by an outstanding author, Michael A. Stackpole. I feel that the promethean myth is retold in its entirety in the Battletech Universe. He is a Prometheus is a science fiction setting, which allows the author lots of leeway to create myths and tales.









Modern Promethean Analysis

Background credit -- Prometheus and Zeus' Attacking Eagle (1989) Artist: Gabor Peterdi (Jane Haslem Gallery -- see directly below)


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