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William Shakespeare's The Tempest

William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, 1623
The play focuses on a man named a Prospero, who is the rightful Duke of Milan, and his fight to claim back his dukedom. The fourth act, scene one contains three Roman goddesses including Iris, Ceres (or Demeter), and Juno. In the scene Iris acting as the messenger for Juno calls Ceres to the meeting point. Ceres is at first confused why the goddess Juno needs her, but Iris tells her it is to consummate a love. Ceres here is shown as the goddess of fertility, a mother and caretaker. She is needed to help bless the love to be fruitful and to bless the couple with plenty of food. Ceres refuses to assist because she is still angry with Venus and her son Cupid for incurring the love of Hades and so leading to the loss of her daughter to him. Iris calms her by telling her that neither had anything to do with this couple and, in fact, Cupid has given up his arrows. Ceres finally gives in and blesses the couple accordingly.

    Phillip Ruch