Circe's Grief by Louise Gluck

A short poem about Circe telling Penelope about her relationship with Odysseus. It's not clear when Circe tells Penelope about their affair. It's possible that Circe tells Penelope before Odysseus' return because Penelope stops her weaving, which is how she delayed her suitor's advances.

DuckTales: "Home Sweet Homer."

Uncle Scrooge and his nephews are brought back in time to ancient Greece on accident by Circe, who was trying to send Homer (the Nephew of Odysseus) into the future. They help him return home to "Ithaquack" only to have Homer and Uncle Scrooge turned into pigs by Circe. It's up to Huey, Dewey and Louie to get her medalion back to change Ulysses and Uncle Scrooge back into themselves. By breaking the medalion they turn Circe into a pig and send themselves home.

Superman no. 165

Circe is a recurring evil character in the superman comics, often collaborating with other villians such as Lex Luther and the infamous injustice gang. In Superman no. 165, Circe threatens to turn Superman into a beast if he doesn't marry her.


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